Bullet Journal Setup 2021

Let's plan 2021!

Hey, hello and welcome to my annual bullet journal article. 

I decided to keep this year's design as simple and at the same time as useful as possible because I had troubles keeping up last year's design and slowly but surely stop using my journal on the regular. Hence why, I went for a clean and minimal design with only a few light grey and sage green colour accents. 

But, if you're up for a more colourful and artsy setup or simply need some more inspiration for your own spreads, I recommend checking out my bullet journal articles from the past few years:

Side note: I just published a bullet journal guide over on Instagram (@starsandmagic) and highly recommend checking it out if you want to get more informations about bullet journaling.

My Bullet Journal Setup for 2021:

As always, I opted for a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook (A5) in sage green in combination with my beloved Staedler 0.3 fine liner and for the pens I went for a tombow marker in a light grey tone N95 and two Farber Castell Pitt artist pen brush pens in earth green 172 and black 199. 

The basics: Key, Cover-page + Future-log 

Additional Pages: Bucket List, Book Tracker, Ideas + Stats Tracker

2021 Mood Board + Resolutions 

Monthly Setup: January 


And that it! My simple and minimal bullet journal setup for 2021. 
Do you use a bullet journal?

Love, S.

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