A year ago, I felt ready to enter my twenties. Ready for this one year I was looking forward to for a long time, in other words my gap year. I had high expectations. I was gonna make the best of it, travel to my happy place, gain work experience, be creative and most importantly have a good time. 

But as it turns out my twentieth year wasn't supposed to be the one. (for obvious reasons) With everything going on in the world, I felt lost and at the same time stuck for most of the past year. I had to jump over my own shadow more than I would have loved to, I had to accept uncertainty and rejection and I had to learn the hard way that sometimes plans change. I struggled and wouldn't say I am doing my best just yet. But, I also realised that it's okay to mess up and to do things differently.

By looking back on this past year, I see it as an in-between, the good and the bad, the past and the future - a road that leads me somewhere. As for this next year in my life, I have a rough idea of what I wanna achieve and the person I wanna be. No high expectations or crazy adventures, but little things that will hopefully bring me closer to my visions.

twenty-one. A year older and a little wiser. I am more than ready for a new beginning. 


With that being said, I'm signing off for today. 

Lots of love, S.

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