to new beginnings & old routines


Hey everybody and welcome back. I mean I never really left, it has just been a little quiet over here but I'm ready to get creative again. 

But before I do so, it's time to celebrate! Exactly 4 years ago, I published my first ever blogpost and I honestly cannot believe it's already been so long. But here we are, 4 years later on this specific date I've been looking forward to for so long. It took me a lot to push that first publishing button, but ever since I've been documenting the last 4 years, every low and every high and for that I'm extremely grateful. 

I always knew I wanted to treat this little space like an open diary to the world. But still, I kinda felt disconnected and I didn't fancy sharing anything for a while now. The thing is, I did the design all by myself and I mean it works perfectly and there are no mayor issues with anything, but I was just hitting the point where I saw all these super fancy and professional looking websites and I started to compare myself. 

All just to realise that for now this blog is all I need. This is not my job but a passion, a passion I've been following for the past 4 years and I don't wanna give that up. I mean I've been out of the loop with blogging this past year, I haven't posted nearly as much as I wanted, mainly due to school and all the pressure I put on myself. But as I said previously, this blog is a diary and I wanna learn to treat it like that again. I need to get back into this, for myself, to document moments, share happiness and get creative again. This space I once loved so much needs to be filled with new words.

Content-wise, things are going to be switched up a bit. Not drastically though. I am basically having a fresh start and can't wait to try out new things. I'll try my best to get back into a routine and you'll hopefully be able to read more from me soon.

And finally, I wanna thank you all for sticking with me, whether you're a reader from day one, a new one or an old friend, I really appreciate you all! Happy 4 years to us!

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