October 12, 2019

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cheers to 20

Twenty. I've been starring at that number for a while now, realising that I am not as scared as I thought I would be. Growing older is something I tend to reflect a lot on, however I somehow feel ready this time round. I've learnt so much about myself and about life in the last few years. And even though, this past year has been a very eventful and a quite positive one for me, I am in the mood for a fresh start. A lot of things are about to change, I can feel it already. 

If you know me, you know that I am not as much of a risk taker as I could be but I guess I am starting to get an idea of what I want and who I am and I honestly can't wait to find out what life still holds for me. I mean, I wouldn't mind being the little girl in the picture again, enjoying the sun, exploring Lisbon and living the careless life either, but right now, I'm genuinely excited. 

I feel ready, ready for this new decade & chapter - in other words my twenties. 


And I believe that's it, my annual birthday column. I am off now. 
It's time to celebrate, time to make new memories.

Lots of love, S.

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