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jewellery; a love story 

After getting many questions about my jewellery, I've dedicated a whole article to them. Jewellery means more to me than any other accessory. the thing I love most about jewellery is how all of my favourite pieces tell a story and hold a special meaning for me. Of course, I also own jewellery because I love them but generally speaking I love those with a memory behind most.

I wear a lot of jewellery which I know is not everyone's taste but, as always, this article should only serve you as an inspiration and not implicate that you have to wear and combine the pieces as I do.


On word - hoops. I love them. After wearing mainly studs for years, I am currently obsessed with hoops. My most special pair are the silver medium sized ones I got from my mother. She had been wearing them for years before handing them to me and honestly I couldn't be happier. They are very simple but if you ask me, I find that they really lift any outfit.
However, if I fancy something more special, I usually tend to wear one of those big hoops with the face which I got via 'Asos' a couple of months ago. Yes, you've read correctly, I only wear one on the right ear and go for something simpler on the other side, just to balance things out.

Whenever I don't wear hoops, I go for simple studs, usually stars and in my lowest hole I tend to wear a spiral made of industrial steal which I got a couple of years ago.
New to my collection are also these moon and stars earrings from 'Thomas Sabo' which look truly magical. I am obsessed with these and get compliments all the time.
Finally, I also have a basic silver ear cuff from 'Astrid and Miyu' which never comes out.


Typically, I wear 2 to 3 necklaces on a daily basis.
Two of my favourites come from a little shop in Trier (DE) called 'die Villa'. They sell many different kinds of jewellery however, as I prefer delicate and fine necklaces, I bought two very simple necklaces in different lengths and two pendants. I like to change the pendants up depending on what I wear and how I feel.
I also own a few necklaces from 'Stilnest', my favourite is the zodiac coin necklace designed by 'Anna Saccone for Stilnest'. I absolutely love it and rarely take it off.

On top of that, I treasure many other necklaces which I like to layer up with my favourites. Two of them being the moon necklace, which was gifted to me by a very good friend of mine for my 18th birthday, and the silver chocker from 'Purelei' which I ordered online about a year ago.


For the past 5 years I've been wearing my 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' watch daily. Despite wearing it all the time, I love it and hardly any scratch can be seen.


My ring collection consists of about 12 to 14 rings which I wear daily, a mix of pieces from 'Thomas Sabo', 'Pandora' and little markets and shops. As I've told you before, I love jewellery with a story behind which mostly refers to my rings.
I bought seven of the 14 rings on my travels from markets or little shops so obviously I can not give you brand names or anything, but as of today I would recommend you to stay on the outlook for small jewellery boutiques as they usually aren't too pricey and offer unique designs.
My most special ring, the only with the diamond in the middle, was gifted to me by my grandmother.

Finally, I also own a birthstone ring from 'Pandora' and two rings from 'Thomas Sabo', which are not available anymore but they offer similar designs so I recommend having a look at their website.

See you soon,

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