How I like to combine summer skirts in winter.

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The leaves have turned yellow, orange and red. Golden sunlight shines trough the trees at 4 in the afternoon. Coffee dates are a thing again and the winter season is just upon us.

As much as I love the last months of the year, I always miss wearing my favourite summer skirts, so for today I thought I would go ahead and share my favourite way to combine these so-loved summer skirts in winter and not to actually freeze. 

For this look I simply paired this beautiful autumn sweater in this seasonal suiting warm brown color with my all time favourite black skirt. I like to tuck the sweater in in the front, so you get that slouchy look as well which I really like. I am obsessed with tucking my sweaters and t-shirts in at the moment because especially if you're a little shorter you can look a slight bit taller than you really are. I also added a few layered necklaces and my rings to give the whole outfit more details and to dress it up a little. Finally I just paired a pair of simple black boots with this outfit, I could imagine wearing this look with a pair of sneakers and fancy socks as well, so you just gotta try different possibilities and wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Nothing to fancy right? 
 Just the perfect outfit to feel comfy and nice, without looking too casual or girly.

How do you wear summer clothes in Autumn/Winter? 

See you soon,

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