Music Monday: Sunset Vibes

'For those with stars in their eyes, the moon in their souls and the sun in their minds.'

Oh hey hello, I feel like today's a good day to share a new Music Monday post with you, actually the first one in months.

As I am writing this, I am waiting impatiently for the sun to set so that I can head outside, enjoy the sunset and listen to my fav playlist at the moment. If you follow me on Instagram (here), know me personally or have read a few of my posts, including my 18 facts about me post, you probably know that I am a huge sunset lover. I hardly ever don't watch the sunset. It's my happy time of the day, the thing I look forward to everyday and in a very strange way it's become something people connect me with.

As you may know my music taste is very diversified, though the playlist I am going to share with you today is rather on the soft, slow-grooving, ambient yet electronic side, if that makes any sense. Okay wait I would definitely recommend to have a look at the different tunes to understand what I mean.
I mainly listen to this playlist when I wanna come down, which in my case is around 5-6pm when the sun sets but I guess it's also the perfect playlist for a very chilled evening.

Also, do you remember the article I wrote about my music obsessions? (article here) It happened again, this time with the band Oh Wonder and I honestly regret missing the concert. I mean I could have gone but at that time I did not know many of their songs and I was a little anxious to go. But oh well, I guess I can do nothing about it now.

I should probably stop rambling around now and give you the possibility to check my playlist out. Enjoy! (spotify account - here)

See you soon,

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