u ok hun?

'It's okay to wander from yourself for a while as long as you are brave enough to bring yourself home.'

I write, I write a lot. But I never share my thoughts or poems with you. I feel like that's what we all do at least with our feelings. I haven't felt totally, absolutely free in a while. And even though I am doing really good at the moment, things seems to hold me back. Back from the person I wanna be, back from the present, back from myself.

It's raining outside, I can hear the rain drumming against my window, the sound gets louder as the rainfall becomes heavier. I am inside sitting in a cosy spot, all wrapped up in a huge sweater. I am in a safe place still I am freezing. My finger tips and my thoughts hardly coordinate, however these words seem to appear on this blank page in front of me. I am overthinking, yet I am still seeing things move. Should I go ahead or should I keep myself back?

Things and people change and so do I.
During the last few months, I found myself and I learned to love myself. I made small steps but little did I know I would end up here. But you know, I am lost too.

What am I going to do with all this future?

I guess that's the down side of doing social media, people seem to have it all together. I don't.
I love what I do, yet sometimes things move way too fast.
Next year, I'll graduate (hopefully) and I have absolutely no plans for my future. Being a blogger and at the same time growing up and trying to survive school is definitely not the best combination. And honestly that's what freaks me out, not being able to figure out who I wanna be and meanwhile doing my best to follow my passions. I need more time. We all need time.

But something I know for sure is that art is what I wanna do and an artist is what I am.

& yes it's probably true, I know me and I don't, but I am working on it and that's all that matters.

See you soon,

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