Music Monday: Roadtrip Playlist

'Sometimes the best therapy is a long drive and music.'

Today I am back with a new Music Monday article and I am so excited to share my current favourite playlist with you.

I've spend most of August and the beginning of September road tripping around different countries. Which by all means is something I really enjoy, nevertheless an 8 hour journey can be a bit boring at times. I've created the playlist I am going to share with you during that time, most of the tunes are songs I heard on the radio and immediately added to the playlist. So yeah that's probably why I love this playlist so much with my summer holidays ending I still got the opportunity to connect different songs with a specific moment.

Let's start with some of my favourite songs this summer. I've been obsessed with Don't Matter Now - George Ezra, September Song - JP Cooper, Legendary - Welshly Arms and of course my fav Glorious - Macklemore .

Nevertheless my heart still beats a little faster for alternative tracks, so tunes from Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Stone Sour, Nothing But Thieves, The Vamps, Panic! At The Disco, Two Doors Cinema Club and 3 Doors Down obviously need to be featured as well.

You will also be able to find some of my all-time favourite artists, such as Lena, Shawn Mendes, Imagine Dragons and of course Eminem and Lana Del Rey, on my road trip playlist.
Another artist displayed on my Playlist is Rodney Graham. During my stay in Baden-Baden (DE) I spend a whole afternoon enjoying his current exhibition which includes some of his songs. I just had to add one of his songs, which I admit doesn't really match with all the other songs but does that even matter?

Fancy listening to my playlist yourself? Go check it out on my spotify account or just below.

See you soon,

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