Fashion Stories: Moon & Stars

'Music is the strongest form of magic.'

Do you ever feel like you're missing out on something?

I am thinking about music festivals - the fun, the new memories, the music and over all the new friendships and the passion. Personally I've never been to a music festival - why? I love music but my anxiety usually keeps me away from music festivals and concerts. I am not really an outgoing person, at least not at concerts, I guess I am the one who stands somewhere outside the crowd, enjoys the music, but who doesn't manage to shut up her mind.

Anyway, as I was shooting this outfit I somehow had the feeling that this look would be great for a music festival. The belt as well as the dress would probably be a perfect match. However I feel like I'd wear another pair of shoes, probably Dr. Martens and a jeans jacket or a rain slicker would be nice too.

So here's you're little remainder to visit a festival. (I know, I know I am a very bad example this time.) But music festivals are a great opportunity to discover new bands, make new friendships, have an amazing time and make summer memories. It doesn't necessarily have to be music festival, food festivals, art festivals,.. seem to be really nice too. Just keep your eyes peeled and you'll probably find a nice festival near where you live. And for all those of you who have the same feeling about festivals as I do, remember that your comfortability is important and is so much better than attending a festival and don't feeling the vibe.

PS: To be honest I am thinking about attending one next year, but I won't promise anything.

d e t a i l s :

dress - Pull&Bear

belt - Asos

nail polish - Essie /sand tropez

shoes - TK Maxx

bag - Mango

sun glasses - Unknown

How do you feel about festivals? Let me know your thoughts in the comments !

See you soon,

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