All black everything II Fashion

Lately some people have been asking me why I hardly ever post outfit of the day pictures on my Instagram account. So I decided to give you an answer, besides that I want to share my "casual everyday look" with you.

The answer is very easy and obvious actually, it's simply that I normally wear black clothes on a daily basis. I've tried hard to wear colorful clothes in summer and spring aswell as on my summer vacation. But somehow this isn't who I am.

I don't know how you fell about it, but I think that wearing the same clothes as everyone else has become more and more common in our society.
Personally I adore that modern grunge look, I like wearing flannels, chokers, black nail polish, crop tops, of couse my black jeans,.., but this don't means that I don't like wearing other clothes. It's just that I want to share with you my personal style, and even if I don't look like a 'typical fashion blogger', which I never did and never will be, I wanna give you some inspiration and let you know that you're beautiful, nomatter what you wear or how you look.

Your style doesn't define who you are, if you like wearing printed t-shirts, skirts, pink shoes, bright lipstick,.. just go for it and be proud of yourself, let the world know who you are and never let anyone tell you that you don't look good. Because you do - you're amazing. Oh and never forget "if you like it, wear it."

d e t a i l s :

shoes - unknown

pants - only

jacket - zara kids

sweater - zara

choker - pull & bear

See you soon,

"Stop letting clothes define you, be you and proud of it."

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