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Hey hey, I'm very excited for todays post, because I'm going to show you my travel essentials, which means that I'm finally going away again.

In the mean time I'll finally be able to produce new posts and make cute pictures. I don't know about you, but I'm always so exicted whenever new adventures are calling. Anyhow I hope that you like this post, please let me know in the comments.


Marc Jacobs, Daisy sorbet:
This is literally my favorite spring/summer perfume, it smells really floral and fresh. I like it a lot, but once again I want to highlight that everyone has another sence of smell, so this perfume might not be something for everyone. However, I think a good fragrance is always a good idea to take along.

Hollister, Solana Beach :
If you're searching for something fresher, I can recommend you this body spray from Hollister. It has the perfect summer smell in my opinion.

Astor, 012 - ungulity pleasure :
One of my all time "travel essential" favorite is this cherry pink lip butter from Astor. I think it has the perfect color, because it fits very well with different make-ups and it can also be worn for different occasions.


Magazines & books:  
Your flight or ride might be very long, so don't forget to buy some nice magazines. Books are always a nice alternative to movies and you can also read them at the beach or just before you're going to bed.                                                                                                                                     

Fujifilm, Instax mini 8 :
Photography is basically my biggest passion, so beside my camera, a polaroid camera is also a big travel must-have for me. Polaroid cameras are always a good idea, if you want to take a picture and immediately give them away or only want to hold a special moment capurted in a picture.

sketchbook & colors :
Last but not least I'm showing you my sketchbook. I know this is nothing special, but I really like to hold on beautiful moments and adventures in my art or poetry. So if you're also a creative head, I can totally recommend you to try this out.

See you soon,

"And then I realised adventures are the best way to learn." 

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